NBA All Star Game Preview

NBA All Star Game Preview

We would be remiss in our bookie blog if we do not talk about the NBA All Star Game, which is one of the most exciting games we will see in the NBA. So far, we have seen a good preview of the All Star Weekend. Friday was the perfect opportunity for new and young players to show off, while Saturday is for serious bragging of skills in the multiple events. But Sunday is the one that brings in a lot of money in sportsbooks, as we watch the league’s best players battle it out.

All Star games tend to be very hard to predict, because this is a game with a hastily-built roster. This means the team has very little to no experience playing with each other. Some of them are from rival teams and now have to play together. The tensions are high, but their thirst to win is higher. Your per head sportsbook will handle any adjustments on the lines based on external factors. You, however, need to look at your sportsbook’s activity and adjust the lines as needed.

NBA All Star Game

NBA All Star Game PreviewThe All Star Game is on Sunday, February 18, at 8:00 PM ET, in Indianapolis. The game will feature the traditional format without the Elam Ending. There are no captain drafts as well. This is a classic East versus West showdown that we are all familiar with.

Your sportsbook software will have a large variety of wagers that people can make on this game, from All Star MVP to other prop bets. And with the line up this year, it will really be exciting for fans and for those who bet on basketball.

Eastern Conference

There are four first-time All Star players this year- and they are all in the Eastern Conference: Jalen Brunson, Tyrese Maxey, Paolo Banchero, and Scottie Barnes. Damian Lillar, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jayson Tatum bring in the experience. Due to a young roster, their chances of winning can go either way really- but it sure does signal a new era for Eastern Conference basketball- one that can pay off in future All Star Seasons

Western Conference

The Western Conference roster is enough to make you wonder if the East has a chance at all. For one, you have LeBron James and Steph Curry in one team- both who can score a lot. Then Kevin Durant will be there as well. This is James’ 20th All Star Game, a first in the league, and probably the last as well.


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