Sportsbook Pay Per Head for Agents

Sportsbook Pay Per Head for Agents

Sportsbook Pay Per Head for AgentsIn the past few years, a trend has developed for bookies and agent looking to maximize their overall profits.   This is because agents have begun to open their own sports betting operation instead of giving sportsbook their players. Thus, Sportsbook Pay Per Head for Agents has become the norm for bookies and agents around the world.

The reason behind this phenomenon is a simple matter of financial profitability for bookies.  Instead of sharing their profits with large sportsbook operation, they now take all of the profits and the risks.

In addition, agents now have a stronger relationship with their clients allowing them the ability to have better customer service. Furthermore, agents no longer take the risk of losing their players to the sportsbooks.

Why Agents are Switching to a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service

Before the advent of the Sportsbook Pay Per Head, agents had two ways to take bets and manage their customers.  These methods were the pen and paper method and renting space with an online sportsbook.

However, this was an inefficient method because 35% to 50% of the profits would go to the sportsbook.  Either that or they would have to pay a ridiculous weekly fee to the sportsbook for their services.

When the sportsbook pay per head solution came about in the early 1990s, it was game changers for agents.  This is because it gave agents many cost and time saving advantages they had never experienced before.

Here are just some of the reasons why Sportsbook Pay Per Head for Agents has become an upward trend.

Advantages of Using the Agent Pay Per Head Services

Cost – When you use, you only pay $5 Per Player with no hidden fees.  In addition, your players get tons of gambling options which include:

  • sports betting
  • Live Betting
  • horse racing
  • digital casino
  • live casino

Easy to use Player Management System – The easily lets you create and manage each of your players. From setting wagering limits to betting options they have it all.
Bookie Pay Per Head Service

Reports – Information is the key to having a successful sportsbook.  This is because it allows the agent the ability to have better player risk management which will lead to higher profits.

Time Saver – Thanks to the Sportsbook PPH solutions, agents no longer have to spend time taking bets or doing customer service. This is because the Sportsbook Pay Per Head service takes care of it all for you.  In addition, players are now able to place their bets 24/7 online or by phone.

More Betting Options – A great bookie PPH Service like has tons of betting options on all sports leagues in the world.  In addition, agents can now offer prop bets, live betting to their clients leading to a higher betting handle.

In conclusion, Sportsbook Pay Per Head for Agents is a trend that will continue to grow. As long as people continue to bet on sports, the Sportsbook PPH solution will continue to be popular amongst agents.

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