Legal Sports Betting in Missouri is One Step Closer

Legal Sports Betting in Missouri is One Step Closer

Sports betting in Missouri has been a hot debate for several years with several attempts at legalizing it. So far, every attempt has unsuccessful due to the inability to agree on the terms of the betting law. However, today Legal Sports Betting in Missouri is One Step Closer to become a reality.

Earlier this year, the “Winning for Missouri Education” coalition began a campaign to put sports betting on the November ballot. This was done because they felt that lawmakers kept failing at passing any bills to legalize sports wagering in Missouri. Instead of complaining about it, they chose to do something to make it happen.

Instead of going thru lawmakers to make sports gambling legal, they chose to go straight to Missouri residents. This is by putting the matter to a statewide vote on the matter. However, in order to do that, they must receive at least 180,000 signatures petitioning to legalize the issue. Well, so far so good as yesterday the coalition said they have already surpassed their signature goals,

Back in February of 2024, they had 100,000 signatures

Missouri residents are getting closer to be able to legally bet on sport. Or at least, at having a choice as to whether they want to legalize sports betting within the state. According to e several

Legal Sports Betting in Missouri is One Step Closer with Over 300,000 Signatures

Legal Sports Betting in Missouri is One Step Closer with Over 300,000 SignaturesAccording to the Winning for Missouri Education, they have over 300,000 signatures to put sports betting on the ballot. Thus, they have enough signature to put sports betting on the Missouri ballot that will take place in November. While that is enough to turn in to the Missouri Secretary of State’s office by May 5, they are hoping for more.

Campaigns organizers are hoping to turn in at least 325,000 signatures to make sure they have enough. This is because the Secretary of State’s office must validate each signature in order for them to count. Therefore, they want to have a large safety margin to make sure the betting law gets on the ballot.

Jack Cardetti, the Winning for Education spokesperson is very optimistic about how their campaign is doing. He said that “Missouri is a step close to allowing Missouri adults to bet on sports.” And that when it happens, it will generate “tens of millions in annual funding for our classrooms.”

What Happens if the Missouri Sports Betting Initiative Passes on November?

If the sports betting initiative passes, Missourians would be able to legally bet on sports. In addition, the Missouri Gaming Commission would be the one in charge of regulating it. Furthermore, there would be a 10% tax on sports gambling which would go towards the Missouri public education.

For those looking to become a bookie in Missouri this could be a good thing. However, the competition is bound to be fierce. Several sportsbooks have already shown interest in entering the gambling market in Missouri. Furthermore, several prominent bookies are also keeping an eye on the situation.

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