Sportsbook Software

 sportsbook softwareWhen it comes to sportsbook software, none compares to the quality that PricePerPlayer offers. Featuring the most up-to-date improvements in software sportsbook development, we are able to give our customers the best software for their sportsbook needs.

Recognizing the needs of both small and large sportsbook operations, PricePerPlayer offers top of the line management tools to give bookies the power to easily run their sportsbooks. A few extra features include personalized live alerts, pre and post betting liability management.


 sportsbook softwareOne of the key advantages of our software, is that we offer a single customer view. Here, the sportsbook is seen as a single book across all our channels, with seamless operations on language preference, currencies, and more. Consequently, by simplifying the operations of your sportsbook through a sportsbook pay per head software, bookies can focus on more important things. In addition, since the software is created specifically for bookies, everything they need is easily found in the agent dashboard.


As we aim to give our bookies the freedom to control their own sportsbooks, the software allows bookies to customize their operation. Here, bookies can set betting and credit limits for each player- as opposed to implementing an across-the-board limit for everyone. Of course, the customization is easily done, with just a few clicks of your mouse. Not only that, but any and all changes bookies make are reflected in real-time.

Market Leader in Sportsbook Software

As one of the leading sportsbook software providers in the market, here are some of the key features that we offer, at a very competitive price:

  • Cross platform compatibility for use in multiple operating systems.
  • Mobile use.
  • Menu and wagering options.
  • Clean and modern interface options.
  • Real-Time line feed reliability.
  • DGS Instant Action
  • Single player account and single e-wallet across all sales channels
  • Integrated gaming services for multiple sales channels
  • Incorporation of rich content, managed by a centralized Content Management System
  • Seamless integration with third-party systems via our web service interfaces
  • Interfacing to external services to use in betting events set-up assistance and for accessing comparison tools, as well as external monitoring systems
  • End-to-end Security Framework, strong eligibility verification mechanisms and appropriate safeguards for maintaining data integrity and confidentiality
  • Wide range of cross-channel and cross-product bonuses and promotions
  • Multi – currency transactions and Multilingual support
  • Comprehensive Back Office Application to control platform’s resources and functionalities.