Sportsbook Industry is Against the Banning of Sports Betting Ads

Sportsbook Industry is Against the Banning of Sports Betting Ads

Sportsbook Industry is Against the Banning of Sports Betting AdsEarlier this month, New York Congressman Paul D. Tonko made headlines by introducing a Federal Bill to Ban sports betting Ads. The bill is known as “Betting on our Future Act” made its way to Congress on February 9, 2023. According to Sports Betting Industry news, the bill is would prohibit sports betting advertisement on television, radio, and the internet. Of course, the Sportsbook Industry is Against the Banning of Sports Betting Ads and intends to fight it.

Essentially, the “Betting on our Future Act” would treat sports gambling like cigarettes. Therefore, it would ban sportsbook marketing on all medium that are under the jurisdiction of the FCC. Congressman Tonko is hoping that his bill will have the same effect as the 1970 Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act.

His goal is to stop sportsbooks from using a “variety of predatory tactics” to acquire more sportsbook clients. Furthermore, he wants to even out the scales since sportsbooks are flooding the market with millions of dollars in advertisement. His fact sheet also mentions how children and young people are the fastest-growing demographic of gamblers.

However, many gambling analysts are questioning as to whether federal regulation is the best way to protect consumers. Instead, many experts are advocating for stricter sports betting ads regulations.

Sportsbooks Uniting Against the Banning of Sports Betting Ads

For their part, the gambling industry is against it for many reasons and uniting against it. One of the main reasons is because it would defeat the purpose of legal sports betting in the U.S. Their argument is that it would lessen public awareness of legal sports betting. Thus, Americans would instead use offshore sportsbooks who are not bound by such laws.

In addition, the sportsbook industry says that it would violate free speech protections. Furthermore, it would undermine the expertise of more than 5,000 state and tribal gaming regulators across the country.

As a whole, the sports betting industry believes that an advertising ban is counterproductive. They also said that the gambling industry is learning from Europeans countries where sports betting is legal. After studying how countries that have sportsbook ads ban and those that regulate it the answer is clear. it should be a collaboration between the government and the sportsbook industry to regulate themselves. This is because they know that to become a successful bookie, sportsbooks must work with the government.

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