Check the Weather for Your NFL Bookie Operation

Check the Weather for Your NFL Bookie Operation

As an NFL bookie, there are a lot of things you have to stay on top of. Given how many games each week are available in your sportsbooks, it can get a little hard to handle. But if you are using a really good bookie software, then some tasks will now be more manageable. This gives you more time to focus on sportsbook marketing, or making sure that you are updated on the latest sports news.

But when you start a bookie business, you need to know this: the weather plays a big part of the outcome of outdoor sports, the NFL included. So, as an NFL bookie, knowing the temperature, humidity, chances for rain or snow is actually important. Luckily, the weather is pretty easy to check. Just make sure that you look at the locations of the games as most games within the day can happen from one corner of the country to the other.

Check the Weather for Your NFL Bookie Business

Check the Weather for Your NFL Bookie OperationWe’ll break it down in our bookie tutorials, so you can understand it better. The weather has light to moderate effects in outcomes on NFL games. Some bookies and handicappers look at wind, rain, snow and temperature the most. Some teams tend to perform differently when on the road, and sometimes weather is the culprit.

The NFL is particularly unique because of this. Basketball and hockey are played indoors. Baseball is an outdoor sport, and they sometimes use retractable roofs, our outright call a game. But due to the sheer size of an NFL field, not all venues can offer protection from the weather, but for a few domes. Playing in domes where the conditions are perfectly controlled tend to have higher scores by almost 4 points- something to remember for your totals wagers.

The wind, rain, and snow can affect efficiency, whether from yards, QB rating, to other stats like passing yards. Normally, the stronger the winds, the lower the scores. Precipitation (rain, snow) is a little trickier, but it tends to decrease passing production as well. Any extremes, such as extreme cold or heat, heavy rain, wind and snow, will have moderate effects on the games. The combination of some of those factors can also compound things, so make sure you remember this when managing your NFL lines.


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