How Many People Bet on Sports in the US?

How Many People Bet on Sports in the US?

How Many People Bet on Sports in the US? – 1 in 5 American Bets on SportsAs more states in the Union are legalizing sports betting, more people are enjoying the trill of betting on sports. At the moment 31 states have sports betting available and analyst believe 1-2 more states will adopt in in 2023. This brings us to the question as to How Many People Bet on Sports in the US? Furthermore, it brings into question whether it will increase and if it is enough for more competition amongst sportsbook.

According to the Guardian, Americans have made over $125 billion in wagers since it became legal 4 years ago. In addition, 5 more states have made it legal this year and gambling analysts believe these numbers will rise significantly.

For those thinking about starting a sportsbook in the near future, this is excellent news. Especially since the latest gambling reports show that sports betting will continue to rise for several years. Several reports have been made this year concerning the number that bet on sports a regular basis.

From this data, we have found some interesting trends that support having a larger number of bookies in the US. One of them being that 1 in 5 US adult bets on sports on one way or another.

How Many People Bet on Sports in the US? – 1 in 5 American Bets on Sports

According to a report made by Pew Research, 1 in 5 Adult Americans Bets on Sports. Furthermore, this data coincides other survey made by other companies this year. Overall, this is an 80% increase in sports bettors over the previous year.

Breaking down these numbers, it means that 19% of American Adults have been betting on sports this year. Out of those, 80% of them made their sports wager online or in person or a combination of both. Interestingly enough, 15% of American adults said they make friendly sports wagers with friend and family. This is usually done in the form of a private bet, a private betting pool or thru a fantasy league.

Back in 1993, 41% of Americans were in support of betting on professional sporting events, Today, this has grown to 66% of American in support of it. Overall, Americans believe that betting on sports is neither bad or good. This information further supports the Twitter Sports Betting Data that sports betting is no longer a taboo.

The American gaming Association also says that a record 46.6 million Americans will bet on the NFL this year. This is a 3% increase over the previous year. For those planning to become a football bookie this year, that is excellent news.

Other American Sports Betting Statistics

  • Adults between the age of 35-44 is the largest sports betting group
  • 29% of adults wager $10 or less on a sporting event
  • 47% will wager $25 or less on a sporting event
  • 14% will usually make a bet of $100 or more.

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