Twitter Sports Betting Data is Out

Twitter Sports Betting Data is Out

Twitter Sports Betting Data is OutWe now have 30 states with legal sports betting available with a few more that may legalize it this year. In the midst of it all, Twitter has often been a battleground for the gambling community and opponents of it. This is because for years, bettors, bookies, handicappers, trolls and others have been sharing information and arguing on Twitter. Today, the Twitter Sports Betting Data is Out as the company is finally making it available to the public.

Needless to say, Twitter is a treasure trove of internal social media data and one these is #GamlbingTwitter. According to Dupree, director of media and entertainment for Twitter, “Hashtag Gambling Twitter is a thing”. While they may not be able to put a trademark on it, it has its own identity and community.

According to gambling industry news, the Twitter Insiders studies data comes from a sampling of individuals 18 or older. In addition, it comes from people who have made a bet on sports in the past 12 months. Other parameters for the data include:  living in a state with legal sports betting and using asocial media platform.

Overall, the Twitter Sports Betting Data has been an eye opener for many. To reiterate this, many Pay Per Head Sportsbook providers agree that they have seen an increase in sports gambling tweets. Especially after the Supreme Court struck down the sports betting ban and it became legal in many states.

Now, let’s take a look at this Sports Betting Data.

Twitter Sports Betting Data – How Gamblers and Operators use Twitter

First off, the study by Twitters says that 7 out of 10 bettors use Twitter for tips and information. Needless to say, sports betting is no longer seen as a taboo on the platform. In fact, 72% of bettors check the site t follow up on the status of a live bet.

Furthermore, sports bettors on Twitter spend 15% more on bets on a yearly basis than those who do not. In addition, 62% of bettors on the social media platform place weekly sports bets. Interestingly enough, 33% of gamblers says they are betting because of the sports betting content on Twitter.

According to the data, 65% of bettors on Twitter tend to place wagers on sporting events when they dominate the conversation. Needless to say, Twitter seems to be attracting the next generation of sports bettors. This is because 51% of betters that use Twitter only began to bet on sports in the past 2 years.

According to Sportsbook Pay Per Head Blogs, Twitter provides sports betting operators with useful data and insight. However, it is not anything new considering how they all use Twitter to post updates on betting odds. Another way Twitter is useful to sportsbooks is because it allows them to even out their lines. This is because they can mass advertise their line movement to odds seekers. Last but not least, it gives them a venue to engage sports gambling fans to increase their sports betting handle.

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