Change Your Bookie Pay Per Head for Football Season

Change Your Bookie Pay Per Head for Football Season

Change Your Bookie Pay Per Head for Football SeasonAs the football season is just around the corner, North American bookies are getting ready for their busy season. For bookies, the Super Bowl and NFL season alone outperform every other sport each year. While college football events are not as popular, they still bring massive amount action at online sportsbooks. However, to maximize profits, bookies need the right tools starting with having the right Bookie Pay Per Head Service. If your PPH is not performing well, it is Time to Change Your Bookie Pay Per Head for Football Season.

This year, the 2022-23 football season starts on September 8 and ends on February 12, 2023 with Super Bowl LVII. During that period of time, a normal sportsbook operation should have a 7% to 8% hold percentage. If your operation has a lesser hold percentage, then it is time to switch you Bookie Pay per head service.

Last year, over $100 billion in bets were made during the football season. While the bigger sportsbooks will capture most it, local bookies are still able to make a tidy profit from football. As long as you keep your operating cost to a minimum and have the right tools, you can do it.

However, if your current Sportsbook Pay Per Head is not getting the job done, it is time for a change.

Time to Change Your Bookie Pay Per Head for Football Season

Looking for a Bookie Pay per head provider is not just looking for a new service. It is in fact, looking for a new business partner. This is because they will manage your entire sports gambling operation and help you increase your profits. Needless to say, changing your Bookie Pay Per Head Service for the football season requires a bit of work.

Finding the Right Bookie PPH Provider

The 2022-23 NFL preseason starts next week, and is the perfect time to try out new Pay per Head services. Therefore, you should start looking now for a new PPH Service by reading Bookie Pay Per Head reviews. A good PPH review sites will have comparison charts with all the major features of each Bookie PPH.

Once you have a list of the possible Sportsbook PPH to use, it is time to narrow your list down. A good idea to visit gambling forums to validate or invalidate the claims from the review sites. In addition, you want to take demo of each potential Pay Per Head Sportsbook Service. If the PPH provider does not have a Bookie Pay per Head demo available, take it off your list.

Providing a demo of their service is the minimum a company should do.  If they do not have the insight or technological capability to create one, it is a red flag.

Football Betting Board and Player Management Options

Having a wide variety of football betting options is an important part of your success as a football bookie. This is because players like to have a lot of betting options. If they cannot find it with you, they will go somewhere else. In addition, having more option means an increase in your sports betting handle. The easiest way to do that is to have live football betting and a prop bet generator like

In addition to having a lot of betting options, a good sportsbook management platform is necessary. At a minimum, you want a Pay Per Head that allows you to set wager limits and manage odds. Of course, the ability to give out bonuses keep track of banking is a must.

Other features to look for include a player communication system, player alerts, accurate reports and risk management tools.

Changing Pay Per Head Service to for the Football Season is Easy

For bookies with hundreds of players, switching bookie PPH service may seem long and difficult. However, we are here to tell you that it is actually quite easy. At least, it is with the Bookie PPH service.

This is because we help you with the entire process of moving your data and players to our PPH services. On average it should only take a few minutes to switch everything over to

So, what are you waiting for?

Switch Your Bookie PPH Service to Today!

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