New Jersey Sportsbooks See Summer Slumber in Handle

New Jersey Sportsbooks See Summer Slumber in Handle

Our sports betting software industry news and blog always keeps track of the sports betting industry. After all, it’s the best way for bookies to view the current landscape of the industry, learn about the latest trends, and be able to compare their experiences running their sportsbook with the whole sports betting world. This is especially true for sports betting reports. For instance, your sportsbook may be in a slump right now, which would worry you. But when you read about New Jersey sportsbooks you will see that what your sportsbook is going through right now is pretty much standard during this season.

If you look at the numbers in New Jersey, you will see something consistent with most betting markets across the country. Lower betting handles, and potentially lower revenues as well. Handle is definitely lower this month, but for revenue, this will vary with each sportsbook, so use this bookie revenue calendar for reference.

New Jersey Sportsbooks in June

New Jersey Sportsbooks See Summer Slumber in HandleThe total monthly betting handle for June in New Jersey is at $633.2 million, 17% lower than May’s, as well as the June handle back in 2021. This is the lowest handle recorded by the state’s gaming enforcement agency since last July, with a $578 million. But remember, this month, there is no college basketball, college football, nor will you find professional basketball and football leagues in season across the country. This can account for a whole dip in handle alone.

But more than that, another reason why New Jersey’s handle is lower, is because of New York. Last year, New Yorkers found it easier to travel to the Garden State to place their wagers. But now that New York offers online sports betting, residents no longer need to leave their homes to place bets. While not a large chunk of the percentage of bettors in New Jersey, it will still have an effect in New Jersey sports betting. One thing that is good about the off season, is that you now have the time to learn about becoming a bookie the fast and easy way. You can get your online sportsbook up and running, and be ready for the next few months, which will have a lot more to offer due to a busier sports calendar.

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