Nevada Sportsbook Industry Recovers Further

Nevada Sportsbook Industry Recovers Further

The Nevada sportsbook industry continues to recover in June, and the state’s more relaxed stance on opening physical businesses is mostly the reason. While the sportsbook pay per head industry continues to contribute to the increase in online sports betting, retail casino and sports betting is popular in certain markets. For instance, Nevada’s gambling industry does offer online gambling. But their bread and butter come from Las Vegas, home to the best casinos and entertainment amenities in the country.

In June, the total Nevada sportsbook industry handle is at $545 million. This is 14.3% higher than May’s $477 million. May was also a great month for Nevada, as there were 5 weekends for May. In addition, Memorial Day weekend was also in May, which usually results in higher numbers. June has a typical 4 week-month, but the state’s numbers are better. If anything, this shows us a market that is further recovering from previous restrictions due to the pandemic.

Nevada Sportsbook Industry in June

Nevada Sportsbook Industry Recovers FurtherFor June, revenue for sportsbook operators is at $29.2 million. This is 7.8% higher than May’s $27.08 million. For those who want to create a sportsbook, let’s break down both online and retail numbers for Nevada. Retail sportsbooks have a $231 million handle. This is 31% higher than June’s. Again, the credit goes to less restrictions and more people going out.

As for online sports betting, the handle for June is $314 million. This is around 5.5% higher than that of May, which was at $298 million. The June mobile handle also represents 57.6% of the total sports betting handle. While the percentage is near equal to retail betting, this is somehow unique to Nevada. If you will read various sportsbook PPH blog features on US sports betting, you will see that a lot of states that offer online sports betting have a larger share of the handle. Currently, Nevada residents who want to bet on sports online will still need to visit a physical sportsbook to register.


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