- Cheap Pay Per Head without Losing Quality – Cheap Pay Per Head without Losing Quality - Cheap Pay Per Head without Losing QualityThere is an ongoing debate amongst online bookies about how much one should pay for a bookie PPH service. Some argue that a bookie must pay at least $10 per her to have a good bookie software and service. On the other hand, others say that a $3 per head service is just as good as an expensive PPH. We at tend to agree and disagree with both opinions. This is because with you can have a Cheap Pay Per Head without Losing Quality.

In essence, a bookie agent could successfully run an online sportsbook using a cheap Bookie Pay Per Head Service. In fact, there are a few companies out there that offer their PPH services at very low prices. There is even one only cost $1 per player. However, the success of it will depend on how the bookie manages his business.

For example, if his players only bet on sports and are not into live betting then why pay for more? In addition, if the bookie likes micromanaging and risk management software then why add more to his overhead?

So, it’s all a matter of perspective. Or is it?

Cheap Pay Per Head without Losing Quality with

The sportsbook pay per head industry is no longer black and white when it comes to cost and quality. This is because believe gambling operators can have it all without breaking the bank. Our prices Start at $5 per player and can be as low as $2 per player. The cost will depend on the number of active players you have every week. Take a look at our Sportsbook Pay Per Head Prices to see what we are talking about.

Our lower cost of $2 per player is actually a reward to our clients for being successful. This is because their success is our success.  Therefore, we pass down the savings we get to them in the form of lower prices. The best part is that the quality of our Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service will always remain top-notch.

Unlike other PPH services, our cheap prices are not a gimmick to bring in new customers. We do not charge a low price and charge them more for extras or after a certain amount of time. No matter what you pay, you always get the full sportsbook, casino and racebook platform and all that it entails. for Consistent Quality at affordable Prices


  • Easy to use player management system
  • Set player limits and access
  • Create and Edit your players
  • Easily enable and disable player gambling options
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Player figures
  • Intuitive and reliable reports
  • And much more

  • Sports Betting
  • Live Betting
  • Player Prop Bet Builder
  • horse racing
  • Online Casino
  • Live Dealer Casino
  • Telephone and online Wagering

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