Sportsbook Update – San Francisco Mayor Wants to Cancel Sports

Sportsbook Update – San Francisco Mayor Wants to Cancel Sports

Warriors fans filled the Chase Center Thursday night as Stephen Curry returns to the lineup. They didn’t let the fears of the coronavirus stop them from cheering on the home team. However, the San Francisco mayor wanted to cancel all public gatherings, including sports matches.

Most fans said they wanted to have a good time while watching the game. They are not worried about the virus at all. The only indicator of the concern about the virus is the hand sanitizers placed throughout the arena.

However, fear of the virus is spreading outside the sports venue. San Francisco has two confirmed cases, which adds to the dozens reported across the Bay Area. COVID-19 impacted all aspects of life, including the world of sports.

San Francisco Mayor Recommends Cancellation of Large Gatherings

Sportsbook Update – San Francisco Mayor Wants to Cancel SportsSports gather a large group of people from all walks of life. They come together as they cheer for their teams. During the game, you scream out loud, high-five strangers, and even share food with others. With the spread of coronavirus, changes will happen in the world of sports.

Prevention is the primary concern of health experts in the fight against the coronavirus. They suggest not going out if things are not necessary. They consider sports as non-essential stuff. As a result, sports events across the globe are postponed, canceled, or played without any spectators.

Mayor London Breed of San Francisco wants people to avoid large gatherings for the next two weeks. However, the Warriors announced that it will still play the game against Philadelphia despite the mayor’s warning.

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