What is a Bookmaker and How to Become One?

What is a Bookmaker and How to Become One?

How to Become a Bookmaker with a Bookie Pay Per HeadThese last couple of years, sports betting has been all everyone is talking about in the United States. However, people know next to nothing about bookies. This is because they are something that one only sees in the movies.  Unfortunately, these only portray stereotypes of the industry. Thus, today we will answer the questions about What is a Bookmaker and How to Become One?

First off, a bookmaker is a perfectly legal job that is quite common around the world.  In fact, in Europe and Asia, it is pretty common to find a betting shop at street corners. On the other hand, legal sports betting in the U.S. is still in its infancy.  Thus, the majority of the population are unaware of what a bookmaker is.

According to Pay Per Head News Blogs, bookmakers and sportsbooks have been legal around the world for a long time. Unfortunately, due to several laws to hinder and make sports betting illegal, sports betting became stagnant in the U.S. Thus, underground sports betting with local bookies became the norm and made for great movies. However, thanks to the Supreme Court striking down the PASPA Act in 2018, bookmaking is now legal in several states.

What does a Bookmaker Do?

The definition of a Bookmaker is a person or company that accepts and pays bets on mostly sporting events. However, a bookmaker or bookie will also take bets on a range of events outside of sports.  Such events include elections, TV shows, awards and pretty much anything where odds can be made for the event.

A bookmaker makes money from charging a commission for taking the best.  The commission is also known as the “Juice” or “Vig”. In order to not take a loss, part of the job of a bookmaker is to set betting odds.  This is because they want people to bet on both sides of the bet in an equal amount.  Thus, each bets on opposite sides will pay each other and the bookie will make a commission from it.

How to Become a Bookmaker with a Bookie Pay Per Head

Today, thanks to Bookie Pay Per Head Services almost anyone can become a Bookmaker. This is because a Pay Per Head provider will provide all of the tools necessary to open a bookie website.  In addition, a Sportsbook PPH service is fairly cheap as they only charge a weekly fee per active players.

Most Pay Per Head will charge between $5 to $30.  However, the best deal around is PriceperPlayer.com as they only charge $5 per player.  Furthermore, PricePerPlayer.com gives you all of the tools necessary to have a successful sportsbook.  Thus, a bookie can offer sports betting live betting, a casino, live dealer casino and a racebook to their players.

The best part is that they also give you a support department for you and your players.  This is in addition to a complete infrastructure and the latest in sports betting technology.

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