March Madness Betting

Earn More in Your Sportsbook with College Basketball’s March Madness

Most beginners in sports betting might think that college basketball would not be in the top sports people bet on, especially in the US. But anyone who runs a sportsbook using the best pay per head software knows that its actually a favorite among most players. Sure, if you compare it to the NFL, then you have a lot less wagers, but college basketball still rakes in a good amount of action in most sportsbooks. And with the NCAA March Madness coming up, you should have your sportsbook ready for a busy few weeks. Let’s take a look at what you need to do to make sure you have a good March Madness run this year.

March Madness and Winning Big

March Madness BettingMen’s college basketball, Division 1 specifically, is made up for teams from 250 schools and 32 conferences. In a given week, there could be hundreds of games to cover. This means that as a bookie, you should be on top of the latest news and be ready to adjust your lines immediately. Most sharps are betting on (pun not intended) you not being fast enough to move your lines. This could give them a really good value in their wager, but cost you a lot in losses.

Next, make sure that you are covering all of the wager types, from moneyline bets to futures and teasers. Also, make sure that you are offering the best sports betting experience to your players. This will mean offering live wagering and in-game wagers, as well as tournament and bracket-specific wagers. This is one of the latest and most popular betting types, so make sure you will be ready for this.

March Madness Strategy

March Madness will have 63 games over 3 weeks, and is a bracket tournament. Offer wagers in futures that will maximize this structure. Your sports betting platform will have the tools you need to do this easily. Remember, that when you fix your lines, that things such as home-court advantage and team popularity does have an effect in the outcome of college games.

Look in to the stats and history of previous winners in March Madness as well. You will notice, for instance, that 8 out of 9 winners cover more than 55% of the games. Sharps will be looking at ATS records and such, so be smart with your line movement as well.