Pay Per Head News: Montana Sports Betting Update

Pay Per Head News: Montana Sports Betting Update

We may soon see Montana residents betting on sports as early as March this year. But it seems like there is no space for any online wagering for Montana sports betting. The Montana lottery is busy accrediting over 100 sales agents who can operate sports betting kiosks. While people are happy that sports betting is allowed, the state loses a lot of potential revenue by not allowing online wagering. As what the average pay per head bookie earns, the potential revenue is too large to ignore.

Montana Sports Betting

Pay Per Head News: Montana Sports Betting UpdateThe sports betting bill in Montana only allows for licensed lottery retailers to offer sports betting. The lottery commission must certify the retailers so they can start taking in wagers. In addition, the types of wagers one can bet on are moneyline, totals, in-game, spread prop bets, futures, and parlays. Eligible sports you can wager on are quite a lot, with rules on permitting both professional and collegiate sports.

Montana is actually the first state to legalize sports wagering back in 2019. Its plan was going to make them the 15th state to allow sports betting. There were two sports betting bills passed with overwhelming bipartisan support. However, Bullock chose to sign the bill that centers on the lottery as a means to place bets.

While Montana is not exactly a market that can rake in as much as other states like New Jersey or Pennsylvania, the lack of online sports wagering is quite unfortunate. The best pay per head software can handle millions worth of wagers in any given day. The volume of sports wagers done online has multiplied over the years. If the state wants to have a better sports wagering market with higher revenues, then they should consider adding online wagering soon.