Best Pay Per Head Software for Your Bookie Website

Best Pay Per Head Software for Your Bookie Website

Find the ultimate Pay Per Head Software for Your Bookie WebsiteWhen it comes to becoming a bookie, it takes more than just skills and luck.  It also takes the right tools for the job in order to be successful.  This is because being a bookmaker involves a lot more than just having a bookie website and some money.  A bookie also needs to have the Best Pay Per Head Software to manage their entire gambling operation.

However, finding an excellent Pay Per Head Software is not easy as there are several options available on the market. This is because the gambling business is very competitive and the costs of a Pay Per Head service will vary. A PPH service will cost between $5 to $30 and price often has nothing to do with the service.

Furthermore, the Pay Per Head Software may be excellent but the company itself may have bad service.  Thus, it makes finding the greatest Pay Per Head Software for your money quite a chore. This is because it is not just about the PPH software but also about the quality and of the service.

What is the Best Bookie Pay Per Head Software?

It is a fact that not all Pay Per Head Software are equal.  This is because different Bookie Software are meant for specific tastes and specific customer demographics.  Thus, a bookie must match the right Per Head software to his business.

These are the minimum requirement a PPH Software must have: Sports and Live Betting Platform, Player Management and Reporting tools. However, the Best PPH Software will also have the following gambling options:

  • Online Casino and Live Dealer Casino
  • Horse Betting
  • Ability to create Prop Bets
  • Player Wagering limit management
  • Ability to give out bonuses
  • Security and Data encryption

This is in addition to having the right look and options for specific target market.  If you target European bettors, then you need a betting platform to suit their needs.  The same goes for American players would want to read American Odds instead of decimal odds.  Thus, you need to choose a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service accordingly.

Why has the Best PPH Software and Services

PricePerPlayer Pay Per Head Software ProviderAccording to Pay Per Head review websites, the Best all-around sports Betting Software and Service belongs to  This is a fact that we are very proud of and we continue to improve our software and services every day.

The reasons behind our success is not just that our Pay Per Head Software has all the above options. It is because we also rank one for customer service and price.  We only charge $5 Per Player for everything while the competition charges you extra for features like Live Betting and Live Dealer Casinos.

We on the other hand believe in giving value for value and our customers know it!  Thus, if you want the best, use

Bookie Pay Per Head Service