Browns Odell Beckham Plays Through Sports Hernia

Bookie Report on Browns Odell Beckham Sports Hernia Injury

Cleveland Browns Odell Beckham has been playing through a sports hernia. It is a severe and painful injury that might need surgery during the offseason. However, Beckham hasn’t missed a single game this season.

The injury cost him some practice time. As a result, Baker Mayfield and the wide receiver are not always on the same page. The practice is essential, and Cleveland is making the most of it when Beckham is available. However, the lack of training results in miscommunications during actual games.

Since the start of the season, Beckham has been on the injury report. From Week 1 to Week 6, he has a hip injury. Starting Week 8, the team listed him with a groin injury. A sports hernia is characterized as the groin or hip injury, or both.

Browns Odell Beckham Injury

Browns Odell Beckham Plays Through Sports HerniaBeckham told Bookie PPH reporters that he’s banged up throughout the season since training camp. He played through it and tried to make it each game. Whenever he is on the field, he gives the team 100 percent of what he got.

The PricePerPlayer Blog kept track of Beckham’s numbers this season. He had 57 catches for a total of 805 yards. Also, he got tow touchdowns. He averaged 14 yards for each reception, which is the most yards since 2015.

When combined with Jarvis Landry, the duo has a total of 122 receptions this season. They are tied for sixth place in the most number of catches by a pair. Also, they have a total of 1,724 receiving yards, which is good for fifth place in the league.

College bookie news was all about Beckham’s post on Twitter. People speculated that he might be considering moving away from Cleveland next season. However, he clarified that he’s happy with the team and hopes they get better results in the remaining games of the season.