Michigan Tribe Now Supports Sports Betting LegislationThe state of Michigan has been trying to legalize sports betting for quite some time.  This is because many roadblocks have been in the way to legalizing sports wagering in Michigan.  However, the Michigan tribes who were not originally in accord with it had a change of heart.  Thus, the Michigan Tribe Now Supports the Sports Betting Legislation making legal sports betting a step closer in the state.

According to sports betting software news, State Rep. Brandt Iden is behind the change of heart for the Michigan Tribes. This is because he made a lot of efforts to unite all 23 tribal casinos in favor of the bill.

Furthermore, the news that the Michigan Tribe Now Supports the Sports Betting Legislation is a big deal for several reasons.  This is because historically speaking, they have been in opposition to legal sports betting within the state.  Since they are a powerful organization in the Michigan gambling industry, they have the power to thwart the bill passing.

Michigan Tribes Coming Together

During an interview with the Detroit Free Press, Iden said they are now together on the issue of sports betting. Of course, they do have some demands along with their agreements.  The main one is that they want a level playing field in terms of other casino entering the state.

Thus, they want the tribes to have the ability to choose any sports betting provider in order to become a bookie.  In short, it means that it would remove any technological disadvantages the tribes currently have in comparison to the competition.

On the other hand, if Gov. Whitmore approves the bill, she will have to take this into consideration.  Another concern which could block the sports betting bill is the future of the Michigan lottery.  This is because adding sports betting and online gambling could take away some of its revenue.

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