How to Become a Bookie in College

How to Become a Bookie in College

Last updated on April 11th, 2024 at 09:57 am

How to Become a Bookie in CollegeEveryone knows that the college life is a great experience that will help you prepare for the future.  However, it is a well-known fact that college students are always in need of money from paying tuition, books and going out.  This is why many students are learning How to Become a Bookie in College as it is easy and profitable.

The best part about being a college bookie today is that it is easy and takes little starting capital.  Therefore, it is the ideal job for a college student who is not afraid of hard work to make money.  In addition, being a college bookie is not very time consuming if you use a Bookie Pay Per Head Solution.

This is because a PPH covers all of your bases from the bookie website to customer service for your players. Furthermore, this comes at the cost of only $5 or less Per Player if you use the Bookie Solution!

Reasons to Become a College Bookie

One of the advantages of becoming a college bookie is that you do not need a lot of seed money to start. This is because most college students are on a budget and will usually make smaller bets ranging from $5 to $10. Thus, depending on how many bettors you have, you could start with just a few hundred dollars.

Another reason is because college students generally support their college team. Furthermore, being in college is where you will make connections and long-lasting friendships.  one of the ways they do that is by supporting the same teams. Thus, a lot of the betting will be made on their college sports team no matter how good they are. As bookmaker, that is an advantage as they will be betting with their heart and not their brain. The odds are that the house will profit more often than lose.

Most college students are in need of money as the financial needs of college students can be pretty high. Being a bookie in college is an easy way to earn money to help pay for tuition, books, and outings. Since it only takes a few hours a week to run a sportsbook, it leaves plenty of time to study and socialize. Thus, it beats any part-time job a college student can get to earn extra money.

How Much Money Do I Need to Open a Sportsbook in College

en a Sportsbook in CollegeContrary to popular belief, you do not need a lot of money to open a sportsbook. Some bookmakers open their betting operations with only $500 while other use hundreds of thousands of dollars. It all depends on what kind of operation you want to have. Since the average sports bet is between $5 to $25 it does not take a lot of money to open a sportsbook while being a college student. The trick is to set make sure to properly manage your sportsbook and make sure that you do not overextend yourself when taking wagers.

Thus, you could realistically become a bookie with just a few hundred dollars as long as you keep the max wager at $10 per wager. Of course, the reason you can do that is if you are using a Pay Per Head Bookie solution to start your college sportsbook. this is because you are only paying a small fee every week for each active player. Thus, it becomes affordable to open you sportsbook while in college.

Here is a video with more information on how much money you need to be a bookie


How to Be a College Bookie in Four Easy Steps

Step 1. Become a College Bookie with a Pay Per Head Sportsbook

Open a Bookie Pay Per Head with PricePerPlayer.comThe first step is the easiest which is to open a Bookie Pay Per Head account with This is because there is no deposit or commitment necessary and the first two weeks are free.  In addition, it only takes a few minutes to open your account and start taking bets right away.

As soon as you open your PPH account, you can first start by creating accounts for your players.  Once that is done, you point your players to one of our betting websites and they can start betting right away! We have already made gambling websites for you to use.  Thus, there is no need to create a sportsbook website of your own!

Basically, once your players start gambling, you only need to worry about paying and collecting money.  This is because we take care of everything else.  Needless to say, this is why we have the Best Sportsbook Pay Per Head Software in the business!

Step 2. Finding Players for Your College Bookie Business

Of course, without clients, you do not have a business.  However, finding clients is fairly easy in college as sports is a big part of college life.  The best way to start is with friends and then getting referrals from them. Hanging out at college bars and college sporting events is also a great place to find clients. The possibilities are endless!

Step 3. Managing Your Sportsbook

Managing Your Sportsbook properly is imperative to a successful bookie operation.  The biggest mistake made by college bookies is to take too many bets without the ability to pay them. Thus, make sure to give your players wagering limits that you can afford to pay.

Step 4. Settle Up Any Balances Every Week

The next part is to settle up any balances with your players every week. Monday is usually a good day and is standard with most bookies. This is the time where your players will either pay what they owe you and you pay the players that won. P.S. it is best to collect from the players that loss first and then do the payouts!

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