Use Sportsbook Pay Per Head Tools for March Madness

One of the most popular betting events in American sports is March Madness – the NCAA College Basketball Tournament. Most college basketball news are now focusing on the upcoming college basketball frenzy. And after the slump of the NFL Super Bowl, the action on basketball can help your sportsbook pay per head turn out a profit.

Betting on the 2019 March Madness will be increasing steadily until the middle of March, and this event will continue on until early April. But are you ready to take in the wagers from your players in your sportsbook? Here are some tips to getting ready for it.

March Madness Tips

Looking at the odds, the Duke Blue Devils are the favorite to win the title. You also have Michigan and Virginia in second and third, respectively. Below these three, You also have Gonzaga, Kentucky, Nevada, Kansas, as well as North Carolina coming in strong. As a bookie, its important for you to set your max betting limits for the teams. You can choose certain limits per team, or just set a max limit across the board on all teams competing in March Madness.

You can also do a schedule limit override, which basically closes wagering on a specific game. This will allow you to offer other games to your players. Of course, your sportsbook pay per head can also let you move your lines as you get closer to the games, so you can adjust your odds and balance your lines to maximize profit.

Keep in mind the schedule: Selection Sunday begins on March 17. The first Four will be March 19-20. Next, the first and second rounds games will be held from March 21 to March 24. Then, the South Regional games will be from March 28 to 30. While the West Regionals will be on March 28-30 as well. The East Regionals as well as the Midwest Regionals will be from March 29-31. Lastly, the Final Four and the National Championship will be from April 6-8.