Pay Per Head Bookie providers are changing the Bookie Stigmata

Pay Per Head Bookie providers are changing the Bookie Stigmata

Pay Per Head Bookie providers are changing the Bookie StigmataThe word “Bookie” is slang for a bookmaker or anyone who take bets from people on different sporting events. Unfortunately, the terminology for a bookie in this society is seen as an unscrupulous or dangerous person who breaks legs. However, the perception of the old school bookie is slowly evolving into a positive one.  This is because Pay Per Head Bookie providers are changing the Bookie Stigmata into a positive one.

A bookie operation is first and foremost a business that makes money from the outcome of a sporting event. In fact, it is quite similar to the stock broker who takes money from high customers for trading in the stocks. A bookie will create a spread and on a sporting event and then take bets on that event.

Afterwards, the bookie has to collect the money from the winners of the game along with paying it to the winners. He also determines as to what amount of fee is to be collected from the members into his account on the basis of the total money received from the members that is also known as the ‘juice’.

A bookie makes money from the commission he earns from taking bets while balancing the number of wagers on each team.  Thus, he is much like a stockbroker, who earns a commission from buying and selling stocks.

The Old School Bookie vs. the Modern Bookie

Before Bookie PPH like came into the gambling scene in the 1990s, being a bookie was seen as bad. This is because they were seen as a suspicious and dangerous people who ran an illegal business.

old school bookieFurthermore, films and television have given an adventurous yet negative stereotype image to bookies. This is because such portrayals give bookies the image of a dirty conman who will do anything to make money.  Thus, you often see a bookie in movies bribing players, hurting people and being plain old greedy.

However, the majority of bookies today run a complex sports betting operation in a professional manner. In fact, thanks to Bookie Pay Per Head providers, bookies have access to the latest technology, infrastructure and support staff.

Even though most new bookies start their Pay Per Head operation out of their home, the successful ones soon have their own offices. This is because in order to expand and make more money, they mostly concentrate on finding new clients. Thus, they have to start their own sales and marketing department in order to expand their business.

Furthermore, today, the majority of bookies no longer worry about collecting money.  This is because they use the post-up method of sports betting. Thus, a client has to put-up the money before they can make a bet. Some bookies may give some of their client credit.  However, these are usually to friends or people that have a history with them and their trust.

Pay Per Head Changing the Negative Bookie Stigmata

Even though Hollywood will probably never make movie about bookies in a positive light the bookie stigmata is changing for the better. This is because bookies no longer just hang out at bars or in shady places looking for customers. These days are pretty much gone thanks to social media and online advertising.

PricePerPlayer - A Sports betting platform providerIn fact, most bookies get their first clients from their friends, family, co-workers and buddies.  Of course, some may get them from people they meet in the bars but that is no longer necessary. The focus of most bookies remains with building their client base and customer service.

Thanks to the Pay Per Head solution, bookie are seen as legitimate entrepreneurs looking to profit from sports betting. This is because they provide the tools necessary to bookies to create a legitimate business. From professional handicapping to a customer service department and a modern infrastructure a Pay Per Head does it all.

Today, a bookie using a Pay Per Head solution can boast that he has a professional and legitimate business.  This is because they can actually afford to be a legitimate business like the large sports betting companies.  They no longer need a half million dollar to start and have hundreds of employees, an infrastructure, a website and a toll-free number. They can have it all with a Pay Per Head like at the price of only $5 per player.

Thus, becoming a bookie is no longer such a bad job. In fact, it is quite interesting and there is not a lot much technical aspect about it. You just need to keep track of the action, money collection and paying your winning clients.

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