Assemblyman Gary Pretlow announced legislation that will allow sports betting at Yankee Stadium and Madison Square Garden. In fact, the bill will allow the two sporting venues to put up sports betting kiosks.

Pretlow will include the provision into the legislation unless there’s strong opposition against it. Senator Joseph Addabbo is cautious about the sports betting legislation. He said that state lawmakers should do it legally and ensure the integrity of the sport. Also, he said lawmakers need to consider the move carefully before allowing sports betting at Yankee Stadium and other venues.

The Supreme Court ruling made sports news headlines when it overturned the federal ban on sports betting. However, most legal sports wagering is limited to racetracks and casinos. Arenas and stadiums don’t have on-site betting operations. At present, only Washington D.C. allow gambling in sports arenas and stadiums. However, there are still no betting kiosks in any of the stadiums in the area. Hopefully, more states allow price per head sportsbook to operate in their jurisdictions.

Sports Betting at Yankee Stadium and Madison Square Garden

PPH Bookie News: Sports Betting at Yankee Stadium Soon a Reality?At present, four New York casinos got the approval to offer sports betting. However, they are still waiting for the final approval from the gaming commission. Rivers Casino and Resort counsel Stacey Rowland said the casino hoped to get the draft regulations in 2018 but they only got it in January of this year.

Sports betting at Yankee Stadium and the Madison Square Garden will add more revenue to the state. It will also make it more convenient for sports fans to place their bets while watching the game live in the stadium.

One thing that we will not see in New York soon is mobile sports betting. Governor Andrew Cuomo and other officials said the NY constitution needs to be amended to make it legal. Amending the constitution will require at least two years.