NCAA Rule Change Can Affect Pay Per Head Industry

NCAA Rule Change Can Affect Pay Per Head Industry

A potential NCAA rule change can affect sports betting, according to pay per head experts. The league announced they will review all shots made at the final buzzer. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether the shot will affect the outcome of the game.

While most sports fans might see nothing wrong with it, the NCAA rule change will have a huge effect on wagers made on college basketball games. Two recent games made sports news headlines. In both games, the refs counted buzzer beaters that were made after time expired. Although they didn’t affect the game’s outcome, they influenced betting outcomes.

Why the NCAA Rule Change

NCAA March MadnessThe NCAA wants to change its policy to have more accurate scores and statistics. It might also be a response to two recent games with controversial endings. The first one is the Oklahoma-Iowa State game. The former hit a three-pointer at the buzzer to trim Iowa State’s lead to one, 75-74. However, betting line for Iowa State was -3 that turned the result into one of the worst beats of the season.

During the Creighton-Villanova game, Villanova was a 9-point favorite and led by 7 as time expired. However, Creighton scored two points after the buzzer that made a lot of people lose their wagers.

A review by Pay Per Head of both games showed the ball was still in the hands of the shooters after time expired. The refs made the wrong call that led to people losing their bets.

The NCAA clarified that they are still looking into the rule change, especially how it affects the sports betting industry. At present, they are still deliberating whether they will make it mandatory to review all buzzer beaters.

March Madness is just around the corner, and the NCAA rule change will ensure that there will be no bad beats due to poor officiating. While the membership committees are still deliberating the policy, it is a welcome change for the sports betting community.