Horseracing in the UK Shuts Down

The latest news on horseracing is quite sad. Due to an equine influenza outbreak, any and all horse racing activity in the UK is temporarily suspended. This comes after the British Horseracing Authority, or the BHA, announcement last Thursday. All racecourses will be shut down for this. The decision was made after the Animal Health Trust has found three confirmed cases of the equine influenza on horses, despite being vaccinated. These horses are part of an active racing yard.

These horses were in a race last Wednesday, at the Ayr and Ludlow courses. This poses a danger as they might have been exposed to the other horses who could contract the influenza. The exposure puts risk to a good amount of horses from Ireland and the UK. Of course, at this point, the degree of exposure is unknown. But the BHA is actively coordinating with yards whose horses may have been in contact with the sick horses.

Horseracing Events

For now, the BHA is setting the next possible date to resume until February 13, but this is still temporary. The announcement on resuming racing in Britain will be announced on February 11. The decision to open the races will depend on the results of medical testing, as well as consultation with the participants of the yards and the races.

The equine influenza can take up to three days before being asymptomatic, so the BHA wants to take the proper precautions to not expose healthy horses to the sick ones. There is also concern because this strain of influenza is resistant to the vaccine. The BHA is keen to ensure the proper health safeguards, especially since one of the biggest racing events will happen on March.

The Cheltenham Festival will begin on March 12, and is one of the most popular horseracing events. And with horseracing not doing quite well in the UK, Bookie Pay Per Head experts are hoping that the problem will be solved well before then.