Bookie Pay Per Head Secrets: How to get Clients as a Bookie

Bookie Pay Per Head Secrets: How to get Clients as a Bookie

Bookie Pay Per Head Secrets: How to get Clients as a BookieRunning a Bookie Pay Per Head can be stressful and having enough players is a big part of the stress. Yes, there are many tips and tricks to advertise and acquire new players on the internet.  However, getting new players takes time, energy and a lot of work. Thus, in our Bookie Pay Per Head Secrets series, we teach you How to get Clients as a Bookie.

In order to get a steady stream of players, you have to invest time in building a strong network of relationship. This is because even if a great product but there is no guarantee that an advertising campaign will be successful.

The traditional marketing method of buying advertisement on websites and pay per click sites is a proven method.  However, these cost money and there is always a competing Bookie Pay Per Head with deeper pockets.

Sad as it may be, unless you have a large marketing budget you will not be able to compete with the big boys. Thus, this bookie tutorial, will give you only cost effective and proven marketing strategies to get more players.

Top Marketing Strategies to get more Players for your Sportsbook

24/7 Live Chat and Customer Service

Let’s be honest, and admit that most sportsbook more or less offer the same services. Innovations in the sports betting industry are rare and mostly involve adding new games or events to bet on. Thus, players are known to switch bookie on a regular basis because of the way the bookie treats them.

This means that having 24/7 Live Chat and Excellent customer service is how you will rise above the rest. Your customer service and sales team is your first contact point with your players and in order to get them and keep them it is all up to them.

Thus, do yourself a favor and your players a favor. Only use a Bookie Pay Per Head that has 24/7 customer service with friendly, professional and knowledgeable employees like

The Power of Referrals

The Power of ReferralsYes, referrals are the most obvious and best known way to get players and most people already know about it.  However, don’t wait for them to come, ask for them. Many players are happy to give you referral if you have an incentive program.  Thus, reach out to them via email or via the Bookie Software.

Even though a referral program is not necessary, it does give them an incentive to recommend their friends. Most referral incentive programs will offer things like cash bonuses or even a percentage of their friends’ first deposit. It’s up to you to decide what you can afford to give.

Thus, this brings us to the next method to acquire more bettors by using social media.

Build an active Social Media Presence

Whether you like it or not, social media is a part of today’s society because of its wide public usage. The best part is Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are more or less free. The only thing it costs is time, creativity and dedication.

Thus, the advantage of using social media is that you can reach a large crowd without sending a ton of money.  In addition, an active group or page that is done correctly will bring referrals from players that use your services.

The trick to having a successful social media presence is to be useful and not self-promoting.  Thus, forget about constantly putting ads on your page or group.  Instead, answer questions and provide useful content that they can use to their benefit.

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