Legal Sports Betting in Indiana is one Step Closer

Legal Sports Betting in Indiana is one Step Closer

Legal Sports Betting in Indiana is one Step CloserEver since the Supreme Court struck down the federal ban on sports betting, many states have shown interest in it. Furthermore, several states have already made it legal within their borders and Indiana is looking to do the same. Yesterday, the Indiana Senate Public Policy Committee unanimously gave its approval for it Bill 552.  Thus, Legal Sports Betting in Indiana is one Step Closer to reality.

According to Pay Per Head industry news, Bill 552 would make it possible for casinos to offer sports wagering.  However, the casinos would only be able to accept sports bets in person or via smartphone to pre-registered gamblers.

Furthermore, the Indiana Gaming Commission would be the governing body for legal sports betting in Indiana. One of their responsibilities would be for them to decide which professional or college sport is eligible for betting. On an interesting note, Bill 552 would not allow betting on professional e-sports events.  Thus, it is an odd turn of event considering the rising popularity of e-sports betting.

Sports Betting Bill Moving Forward to the Senate Appropriation Committee

Now that Bill 552 made it pass the first hurdle, it now needs to pass the Senate Appropriation Committee. According to State Senator Jim Merrit, he expect the bill to pass without any problem.  In addition, Merrit thought that it was unusual for such a bill to pass unanimously.  This is because any type of gambling bill is controversial.

Senator Merrit said that “I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it happen”.  However, he believes it is because it is a well written bill. “Senator Mark Messmer and Senator Jon Ford got together, and it really put a great framework together,” said Merritt.

If Bill SB 522 passes the Committee and ultimately becomes a law, it would legalize sports betting in Indiana. Furthermore, believes it would also allow riverboat casinos to also offer sports wagering via a referendum.

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