NCAA Wants to Ban Prop Bets for College Sporting Events

NCAA Wants to Ban Prop Bets for College Sporting Events

Prop Bets is a hot ticket item with sportsbooks and bettors as they give more options to bet on. As a gambler favorite, prop bets are a great way for bookies to improve their sports betting handle. However, not everyone agrees with Prop bets as the NCAA Wants to Ban Prop Bets for College Sporting Events.

The reason for their decision is in part due to a string of betting controversies. Recently, players and coaches have been speaking about the issues of prop bets and how gamblers react to them. Especially when players do not win their prop bet because a team or player did not reach a certain number.

This comes at an especially crucial time of the year with the March Madness tournament taking place. In fact, gambling analysts predict that Americans will legally wager $2.72 billion March Madness this year.

NCAA Wants to Ban Prop Bets – NCAA President taking Action

NCAA Wants to Ban Prop Bets - NCAA President taking ActionIn response, Charlie baker, the NCAA President made a statement yesterday improving states to ban college prop bet. He said that “Sports betting issues are on the rise across the country” and that prop bets are a problem. This is because he believes “they threaten the integrity of competition and leading to student-athletes and professional athletes getting harassed.”

This week, Baker will be “contacting officials across the country in states that allow” prop bets on college sporting events.” Their goal is to get these states to ban prop bets like Ohio, Vermont and other states.

Earlier this week, the NBA said that they were looking into gambling irregularities involving Jontay Porter of the Toronto Raptors. This is because during 2 games, where the prop betting on Porter were especially high, he left early. Thus, those who had the Under for that proposition bet made bank. For their part, the NCAA said they have seen many gambling irregularities over the past year.

Of course, that is not all as coaches and players have also been complaining about receiving threats from gamblers.

Overall, there is also a lot of worries over how players can be vulnerable to outside influence. This is because of the nature of how prop bets work. Thus, a player missing a free throw or leaving a game due to an injury can influence them,

NCAA Wants to Ban Prop Bets for College Sporting Events – The Appeal of Prop Bets

What is a Proposition Bet? Better known as a prop bet, it is a type of side wager. However, what it does is let gamblers bet on a question that may or may not have any bearing on the outcome of a game. Basically, it lets players bet on part of a game. Since it doesn’t rely on the outcome of the game, it makes the action more exciting no matter who wins.

There are three main types of prop bets:

  • Player Prop Bets – A player prop bet is all about how a player will perform throughout the game. It can be anything from how many points a player will score to the number of assists. In fact, these are so popular that bookmakers have been adding player prop bet generator software to their platform.
  • Game Prop Bets – Prop bets that rely on team outcomes like which team will score first and such.
  • Team Prop Bets

Another reason as to why they are popular amongst bettors is because some sportsbooks allow gamblers to parlay them. Thus, players can increase the potential winnings from it.

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