Missouri Sports Betting Campaign is Gaining Momentum

Missouri Sports Betting Campaign is Gaining Momentum

6 years ago, the overturning of Professional Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) made it possible for legal sports betting. Today, only 12 states remain where sports wagering remains illegal or without a clear law for it. Missouri is one of these states but not from lack of trying. However, 2024 may just be different as the current Missouri Sports Betting Campaign is Gaining Momentum.

Earlier this year, a coalition of Missouri’s major sports franchise began to led a campaign to legalize sports betting. According to Bookie Software experts, the coalition is known as the “Winning For Missouri Education”.  It was made because lawmakers keep failing to pass any bills to legalize sports gambling in Missouri. Therefore, they began a petition to put the issue of sports betting in the hands of Missouri voters.

In order for the issue to be on November’s ballot, the petition needs to collect around 180,000 signatures. Afterwards, the signatures need to be given to the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office by May 5, 2024. So far, they have collected over 100,000 signatures and are hoping to surpass 300,00 signatures before the due date.

Missouri Sports Betting Campaign – What You Need to Know

Missouri Sports Betting Campaign - What You Need to KnowAccording Sports Betting news, the petition would add an amendment to the state constitution to allow and regulate sports wagering. Missouri would have a 10% sports betting tax which would have most of the revenue going to public education. In addition, the Missouri Gaming Commission would be in charge of regulating sports betting. Last but not least, at least $5 million annually in licensing fees and taxes would go toward problem gambling programs

The sports betting amendment also states that Licenses could be held by gaming operators, casino boat owners. In addition, MLB, NFL, NBA, MLS, NWSL, WNBA and NHL franchises would also be eligible for one. Thus, each of Missouri’s 13 casinos and professional sports teams would be able to offer onsite and mobile sports betting.

Click Here to Read the petition to amend the Missouri Constitution to legalize sports betting.

According to the campaign spokesman, Jack Cardett, said that they “are seeing strong support in the signature gathering effort.” This is because “Missourians know it is time to legalize sports betting and use the funding for education.”

The initiative petition process for sports betting is similar to how recreational marijuana became legal in Missouri. 2 years ago, it made its way onto the Missouri ballots and became legal.

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