’s Pay Per Head Software Upgrades Revolutionizes the Industry’s Pay Per Head Software Upgrades Revolutionizes the Industry

Earlier last year, premium Sportsbsook pay per head company, unveiled their newest Pay Per Head Software and platform.  Since then, 6 months have gone by and the new upgrades have become a hit. Thus, this latest’s Pay Per Head Software Upgrade Will Revolutionize the Bookier PPH Industry.’s Pay Per Head Software Upgrades Revolutionizes the IndustryThe is because the improvements of the Pay Per Head Software significantly enhances the sportsbook and player management system.

According to marketing director, Josh Ingram, the new Pay Per Head Software and platform update went into effect last month. However, some agents were able to have early access to the new PPH in July of last year. After 6 months of use, we are confident that the Software Upgrade is a groundbreaking improvement.

He said “Our mission has always been to help bookies improve their business and profit margin. With this latest update, they will be able to do just that while giving their players an even betting experience!” While the older platform did everything well, the new one adds many features to an already great sportsbook platform.

With these improvements, managing a sportsbook with a pay per head is now easier and more efficient than before.

What are the Pay Per Head Software Upgrades made by

What are the Pay Per Head Software Upgrades made by More Comprehensive Lines Management System – In the old version of the Price Per Player PPH Software, changing lines was possible. However, it was not user friendly as the process was tedious. However, with the new betting odds management system, bookies can easily edit the lines with just a few clicks.

Beat the Line System – This is a new addition to their sportsbook management software which keeps tracks of certain bets by players. When pulling up a “Beat the Line Report” sportsbook owners can now see which players are betting right after a line change. Needless to say, this is a tool that will greatly help in the overall player risk management.

Player Limit Profiling Feature – Another great feature that bookmakers will appreciate is the player profiling feature. This feature lets agents create profiles and assign players to a specific profile group. Thus, by profiling players and grouping them, bookies can now Limit group of players to improve their profits.

A More Modern look for the Company Website

In addition, to getting a Software upgrade, the they also gave the Price Per Player company website a new look. The goal was to give the company a more modern look to go along with their new pay Per head platform.

The new design was made to appeal to a wider range of clients while staying true to the brand. Furthermore, it is also made to make it easier for visitors to navigate and register for their services.

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