North Carolina Sports Betting will Launch after the Super Bowl

North Carolina Sports Betting will Launch after the Super Bowl

Sports Betting in North Carolina became legal last June, after Gov. Cooper put his signature on Bill 347. Unfortunately, North Carolinians gamblers hoping to bet on sports by January 2024 are in for a disappointment. This is because according to the NC State Lottery Commission, North Carolina Sports Betting will Launch after the Super Bowl.

According to Bill 347, sports betting in North Carolina would become legal on January 8, 2024. Therefore, North Carolinians sports bettors were hoping to start wagering on that date instead of going to a neighboring state.  Unfortunately, according to a statement by the NCLC (North Carolina Lottery Commission) this will not be happening.

Yesterday, during the commission meeting, Ripley Rand, the NCLC chairman said sports betting will launch after Super Bowl 58. This is because they question “whether sports betting will be up and running in time for the Super Bowl.”

At the very least, the application forms to obtain a sports betting licenses are done. However, that is just the first step as the application process for each sportsbook is time consuming.

North Carolina Sports Betting will Launch after the Super Bowl: Application Process

North Carolina Sports Betting will Launch after the Super BowlThose wanting to open a sportsbook in North Carolina have until December 27 to apply for a sports betting license.

Basic Steps to Apply for a Sports Betting License in North Carolina

  1. Submit their complete application as soon as possible
  2. Obtain a “written designation agreement” — a private business agreement between the operator and a sports team, league or venue — to go with their application
  3. Prepare to show full compliance with the rules and to show internal control systems are in place to protect bettors
  4. Demonstrate an established, responsible gaming program

Of course, the applicants will need to have a secure and reliable sportsbook software that meets all of their criteria.

Once the NCLC gets all of information, each sportsbook has a 60-day window for approval. However, depending on the application, the NCLC can delay it by another 30 days if they need more time.

With this in mind, they cannot give any definite time frame as to when sports betting will launch. This is because they do not know how many applicants they will receive. In addition, they may have to go through thousands of pages for each application which would make the process even longer.

No matter how the application process goes, the state law requires online sports betting to launch before mid-June of 2024.

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