The Easiest Way to Open a Sportsbook

The Easiest Way to Open a Sportsbook

Last updated on January 28th, 2024 at 09:21 am

Sportsbook Pay Per Head to Open Your SportsbookMost sports bettors have at one point or another thought about opening a sportsbook.  However, most were easily discouraged once they found out everything that is involved in how to become an online bookie. This is why we bring to you our guide on the Easiest Way to Open a Sportsbook.

Opening a sportsbook is not difficult because all you need is sports betting software, players, a website and some money. Most people get frustrated about the sportsbook software because they cost $300,000 and higher. Most bookies will start out with a few bettors; therefore, this is a lot of money to invest for them.

In addition, running a sportsbook is a full time job that will take a lot of hard work in order to have a successful sportsbook operation. Thanks to the Sportsbook Pay Per Head solution, today anyone can become a bookie.

How to Open a Sportsbook in a Matter of Minutes

Using a Sportsbook Pay Per Head to Open a Sportsbook

A sportsbook Pay Per Head is basically an online data management service for bookies.  It allows bookies or agents to keep track of their players’ wagers.  It does this by giving players access to a betting platform where they can place their wagers.

In essence using a Bookie PPH service allows an individual to have their own sportsbook without breaking the bank.  This is because they are basically renting the sportsbook software and only have to a small fee every week. for example only charges a flat fee of $5 or less per player every week.  This gives the players access to the sportsbook, online casino, live dealer casino, racebook and their live betting platform. In addition, you can also request to have your own personal website and toll-free number to brand your own sportsbook.

Tools and Services you Get from using the Pay Per Head Solution

  • User-friendly player management system
  • Set player caps, such as access and limits
  • Create and modify player profiles
  • Control player settings
  • Automated reports
  • Multiple Sportsbook websites
  • Sports betting
  • Live in-game betting
  • Player prop bet builder
  • Racebook
  • Online casino
  • Live dealer casino games
  • Online and telephone wagering

The Process of Opening a Sportsbook with a PPH ServicePricePerPlayer - A Sports betting platform provider

The process of getting started with a sportsbook pay per head provider is very easy with  All you have to do is register for a PPH account filling out and submitting the signup form.

Once that is done, you will instantly have your own sports betting operation. No personal information is needed and you also get a Free 2 Weeks trial to try it out.  As soon as you have signed-up, you can start creating gambling accounts for your players and they can bet right away.In addition, you will have complete control over all of your players from setting betting limits to what kind of games they can play.

Last but not least, the bookie pay per head service will give you all of the tools you need to manage a sportsbook.  This includes reports, statistics and risk management tools.Now that you know the Easiest Way to Open a Sportsbook, get started today by opening a Bookie PPH account with

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