NBA In-Season Tournament Catch up After Friday Night Round

NBA In-Season Tournament Catch up After Friday Night Round

In the latest sports news from our pay per head blog, we are taking a look at the NBA and as we do an NBA In-Season Tournament catch up. Friday was a very crucial day for the group play, and it was one highly exciting round. Each game has implications on the outcome of the teams in the tournament. While there were no close buzzer-beater games, each game had something that held our interest far more than previous games.

If you manage your own sportsbook, and you are using the best bookie software, then managing the action for the In-Season tournament should be no problem. Given the high profiles games last Friday night, the rest of the tournament should go smoothly. If, however, you are still not using a good PPH software, then you still have a few days to go do that.

So far, the Grizzlies, Wizards, Trail Blazers, Spurs, Jazz, and the Pistons are out of contention for the NBA Cup. These teams won less than five games. But after yesterday, the Toronto Raptors, the Chicago Bulls, the Oklahoma Thunder, the Dallas Mavericks, the LA Clippers, and the Denver Nuggets are also out.

NBA In-Season Tournament Catch up: What Next?

NBA In-Season Tournament Catch up After Friday Night RoundWhile the next round will be on Monday, the players in your sportsbook still have a lot of sports events that they can bet on. You can also use your casino software and give them more entertainment through casino gaming. And while they are enjoying that, you can also start getting to know what to expect in the next round of the tournament.

The earliest teams to get in were the LA Lakers and the Indiana Pacers. The Phoenix Suns are not a shoo-in, but they do have a 3-1 record and a +34 point differential in the group play, which puts them ahead in the list. There are five slots left with 15 teams still fighting for it. The next round will be on Tuesday, where the final top slots of each group will be determined, as well as the Wild Card entries for each conference.

The results are not that simple, however. Since the setup of the tournament is different, the outcome of a game is not the sole factor to determine a team’s chance to move further into the tournament. If another team wins against their opponent within the same group and ends up with a higher score, then they will get the slot, even if the former’s team wins. So make sure you have your bookie software on standby for what will be a very exciting week in basketball.


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