US iGaming Revenue Beats 2022 Record

US iGaming Revenue Beats 2022 Record

In our sportsbook pay per head blog, we continuously update you, our readers, with the latest reports on various gaming and sports betting markets around the world. By knowing as much as we can about the industry, and market trends, you will find it easier to navigate your gambling business. You can also gain insights on the growth of the industry as a whole, which could be a preview of good things to come. And in our latest news, the US iGaming revenue beats the 2022 record, and we are not even done with the year.

iGaming is available in six states in the US. Given the numbers that we are seeing in this report, this only reflects a fraction of what could be a huge market in the future. If you want to get ahead and get a foothold in the game, then these gambling tutorials can help you understand what gambling is, the various products available, and how you can earn from it.

US iGaming Revenue for 2023

US iGaming Revenue Beats 2022 RecordLet us begin with October’s numbers, where iGaming revenue is at $533.6 million. This adds up to over $5 billion in iGaming revenue for the US from January to October 2023. Last year, the total gaming revenue is at $4.8 billion. This year’s revenues are already exceeding the previous years with two months to go, so it is safe to say that iGaming’s reach continues to grow, even if other states are slow to join in.

States like Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Michigan, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania are enjoying the revenue they are earning from iGaming. This does not even include the numbers for sports betting. If other states would consider adding iGaming to their portfolio, then they can surely generate more revenue for operators, and tax revenue for state programs.

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