Nevada Sports Betting Revenue Jumps From Previous Year

Nevada Sports Betting Revenue Jumps From Previous Year

In the latest gambling news from your preferred sportsbook pay per head blog, the Nevada sports betting revenue jumps from the previous year. This signifies growth in the industry, as we are seeing a 27.8% year-over-year increase in revenue this April. Even better, we are getting this high a jump in revenue with only a 2.7% jump in betting handle for the same period.

According to the latest report from the Nevada Gaming Control Board, sportsbooks in Nevada took in $598 million in wagers. This is 2.7% higher than April 2020’s handle. However, the handle is at a very low 5.4% hold, revenue is at $32.4 million. This is $7 million more than April’s revenue. You can also track your own sportsbook’s revenue with your online bookie software. Doing so will help you identify if your sportsbook is growing, and how you can improve on it even more.


Nevada Sports Betting Revenue Jumps From Previous YearNevada Sports Betting Revenue and Handle Details

If we look at the month over month handle and revenue, however, we are seeing a decline in both. The $598 million total monthly handle is actually 28% lower than the previous month, while the revenue is 26% lower than March’s. Given what we are seeing, the monthly trend is in line with the decreasing volume of sports events that people can bet on.

If you track the trends in your sportsbook, you will notice that your handle coincides with the sports calendar and based on your players’ preferences. For US sports betting, April sees no college sports betting, no pro football, and less basketball betting. As long as you use a reputable pay per head service, you can easily check and compile your sportsbook data for analysis.

As for the sports events that bettors in Nevada wager on, NBA betting was the most popular sport. Baseball betting is also in the rise, having its first full month of the season in April. Hockey is also a popular sport people bet on, among other sports events. Mobile betting is of course the preferred mode of betting. Online sportsbooks took in $395.2 million, or 66% of the handle.


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