Formula One Returns to Florida – Miami Grand Prix

Formula One Returns to Florida – Miami Grand Prix

Formula One returns to Florida this weekend with the Miami Grand Prix. Also, it is the first of three F1 races in the US this season. It is also the return to the traditional GP format of practice on Friday, qualifying round on Saturday, and race day on Sunday.

Sports news reports show fans were unhappy with the lack of overtaking during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. However, they were not the only ones unsatisfied with the race. Toto Wolf, boss of Mercedes, described the last GP as boring. Also, he added that they analyzed the sprint format to find positives.

Fans hoped the Miami GP would be more exciting. Sergio Perez of Red Bull will be in pole position. Behind him in the pole is Fernando Alonso of Aston Martin. Carlos Sainz of Ferrari will be in third spot. Unfortunately, Max Verstappen will start in ninth place after suffering from an error in the final qualifying season.

Miami Grand Prix

Formula One Returns to Florida – Miami Grand PrixIn qualifying for last year’s Miami GP, Ferrari secured the front row, with Charles Leclerc starting in front and Carlos Sainz in second place.

Max Verstappen of Red Bull stormed from third place to win the race. He overtook Sainz into turn one of the first lap. Also, Verstappen overtook Leclerc on the ninth lap. Leclerc finished the race behind Verstappen, and Sainz got third place.

After an elaborate police escort to the podium, all three donned NFL helmets instead of the typical Pirelli caps.

Red Bull enters the race with an eye-catching new fan-designed livery and, more crucially, a 93-point lead in the constructors’ title. The team’s drivers have two race victories, with Verstappen leading by six points over Sergio Pérez in the drivers’ championship.

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