LA Dodgers Cut Ties with Pitcher Trevor Bauer

LA Dodgers Cut Ties with Pitcher Trevor Bauer

Last updated on January 8th, 2023 at 08:17 am

The Los Angeles Dodgers announced that it cut ties with pitcher Trevor Bauer. Major League Baseball suspended the former Cy Young awardee after violating the league’s sexual assault, child abuse, and domestic violence policies. However, the league reinstated him last month after an arbitrator reduced his suspension to 194 games.

After a woman in San Diego accused Bauer of sexually assaulting her in June 2021, the MLB suspended Bauer. However, a Los Angeles prosecutor decided not to press charges. Bauer continued to insist that all his interactions with the woman in question were voluntary.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and a neutral arbiter conducted the reviews. They found that Bauer’s actions justified the longest-ever active player ban in baseball for breaches of this policy. After the completion of the reviews, the Dodgers decided to cut ties with the pitcher. It is better to beat the bookie instead of your partner.

Dodgers Cut Ties with Pitcher Trevor Bauer

LA Dodgers Cut Ties with Pitcher Trevor BauerOn Friday, Bauer said through Twitter that he had met with Dodgers management on Thursday in Arizona and been assured he would be pitching for the team next season.

In July of 2021, the league placed Bauer on administrative leave, and in April that year, he was handed a 324-game suspension. However, according to bookie pay per head reviews and news sites, an arbitrator lowered the punishment on December 22nd, clearing him to participate in the upcoming season.

The attorneys representing Bauer, Jon Fetterolf, Shawn Holley, and Rachel Luba, expressed their delight at the prompt reinstatement of their client at the time. However, there was also disagreement about whether or not any form of discipline should have been implemented. They also said Bauer is eager to go back on the field. In addition, he hopes to contribute to his team’s pursuit of a World Series title.

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