Texas Senator Proposes Amendment to Legalize Gambling in Texas

Texas Senator Proposes Amendment to Legalize Gambling in Texas

A Texas Senator has pre-filed a bill that will amend the state’s constitution to allow casino gaming and sports betting in the state. SRJ 17 comes from the office of Senator Carol Alvarado and aims to legalize gambling in Texas. This bill is one of hundreds of bills submitted on November, which is the first day that lawmakers can submit bills for the 2023 session. The 2023 legislative session will open on January 10. Many sportsbook pay per head blog sites will be keeping track of this development.

Texas is a state that has long been vehemently against gambling, and many in the sportsbook industry are wary of seeing sports betting in the Lone Star state. This is in spite of Texas being a state that is passionate about sports. However, with a large population with socially conservative and religious people, gambling is failing to gain traction.

The Probability of Legalizing Gambling in Texas

Texas Senator Proposes Amendment to Legalize Gambling in TexasBack in 2021, several bills supporting the legalization of gambling and sports betting in Texas have never made it past the committee level. However, many are optimistic that the legislature would be more open to this. One only needs to check what a bookie makes in their per head sportsbook and see the potential income here. The state stands to earn millions in tax revenue from sportsbooks and casinos, should they allow them to operate. Other states are successfully funding social and economic programs from money collected from taxes and licensing fees from sportsbooks.

It is, however, quite improbable to see sports betting and gambling legalized in the state. First, lets take a look at the logistics. The legislature is a biennial session, meaning they happen once every two years, and they only meet in odd-numbered years. Historically speaking, only around 10% of the bills submitted actually pass into law. Gambling has not been a priority, so it will take a lot of campaigning and lobbying to push the topic much higher in the agenda.

While using a Price Per Player Sportsbook Software is easy, Texas will have a few more hurdles before they can open sports betting in the state. The bill will need to pass a majority 2/3rds of the legislature to pass. It will also need to garner enough votes from residents on November 2023.


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