Veteran Kemba Walker Likely to Miss Start of NBA Season

Veteran Kemba Walker Likely to Miss Start of NBA Season

Veteran Kemba Walker is one of the good guys in the National Basketball League. If he had a choice, he would still be with the Boston Celtics and help them win a championship. Unfortunately, however, Walker suffered a knee injury that degraded his performance.

A week after Brad Stevens became Celtics President of Basketball Operations, he traded Walker away to save money. Walker next played for the Knicks. However, he had problems with coach Tom Thibodeau. As a result, he spent a lot of time on the bench.

According to sports betting software reports, Walker’s knee injury slowed him down. Also, his value dropped drastically due to it. As a result, he would likely miss the start of the regular season. Although he is part of the Pistons roster, he wouldn’t play a single game for the team.

Veteran Kemba Walker Working on a Buyout

Veteran Kemba Walker Likely to Miss Start of NBA SeasonA buyout is being negotiated, but the Pistons’ offer has yet to be approved, so Walker will have to wait. Nevertheless, he received a standing ovation at the Boston-Charlotte preseason game on Friday. This admiration for a finished career is, regardless, premature for Walker.

According to basketball news, Kemba is still interested in playing. He believes he can still play.

Walker believes he can play in the NBA. He claims to be feeling better than he has in years. Injury-prone players, on the other hand, become expendable in their early 30s. There are a few 30-somethings out there searching for a one-year minimum agreement to get back in. Walker is among them.

Walker was a productive scorer and star in Charlotte before the team felt he wasn’t worth a max contract. According to a sportsbook pay per head for agents, Charlotte agreed to a sign-and-trade with the Celtics. Before the knee problems, he had a fantastic half-season in Boston. He was never the same after that.

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