When you learn how to open a sportsbook, you will go through all of the aspects of being a bookie, player management is one of them. And under that, you have customer or player retention. As much as possible, you want your players to stay with your sportsbook. And aside from offering fair and well-priced odds, bonuses will be a big factor. Because of this, you should learn the types of bonuses you can offer in your pay per head sportsbook.

You can check different providers in the sportsbook pay per head industry, and see what bonuses and promotions are being offered in sportsbooks. But no matter the bonus being offered, it will fall under one of the types of bonuses we will show you below.

Of course, since you are the bookie, you have complete control of what and how you are going to offer the bonuses in your sportsbook. You can attach conditions for claiming a bonus, or freely give it to encourage them to wager instantly. So long as the promo will be able to help generate more long-term wagering from your players, then you should continue offering a variety of bonuses to your players.


Types of Bonuses You Can Offer in Your Pay Per Head Sportsbook

  • Welcome Bonus. This is usually the first bonus that bookies offer to their players. Its also pretty much the standard in the pay per head industry as well. Bookies can either offer a percentage of the deposit, or a fixed amount. In addition, you can also set a minimum amount to qualify for it, if you want to encourage a higher deposit. You can also offer a no-deposit bonus, where player can place a bet or two without having to deposit.
  • Reload Bonuses. Some sportsbooks also offer rewards every time players place a deposit. This amount is usually smaller than the welcome bonus. Or, it could also be a seasonal bonus.
  • Cash and Free Bet Bonuses. These bonuses are usually given to players to wager on any event. Some bookies offer this when players meet certain milestones when betting in your sportsbook.
  • Bonuses on Loss. Of course, bettors will, at some point, lose in a wager. Sometimes they can lose a lot more than they win. That may discourage them from playing in your sportsbook. One such way to get them to stay is to offer back a certain percentage of the loss. So even if your players lose on a bet, the surprise rebate could be enough to make them feel better and stay.
  • Loyalty Bonus. Some bookies offer a loyalty program where players are rewarded for their wagers. Normally, players can earn points or such which can be redeemed for cash, a bet, or something similar credited to their accounts. You can either offer a point system, or a milestone-based rewards system.


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