Sportsbook Pay Per Head for Dummies

Sportsbook Pay Per Head for Dummies

Opening an online sportsbook can be as difficult or easy as you want it to be. The difficulty level will depend on how you chose to open your gambling operation. If you are looking for an easy solution, opening a sportsbook from scratch or a white-label solution is not ideal. Instead, bookies need to use a PPH Sportsbook provider for a fast and easy-to-use gambling platform and service. In our Sportsbook Pay Per Head for Dummies, we will explain why this is the best solution.

Sportsbook Pay Per Head for Dummies – More Profits, Less Work First off, a Sportsbook Pay Per Head is a service people who book action on sports use to accept bets. In most cases, these people are local and independent bookies. However, many large sportsbook operations also use such services as they are affordable and convenient.

A Pay Per Head Sportsbook Service provides everything a bookie needs to start a gambling operation. These include a professionally made sportsbook website that is mobile ready. In addition, it offers several gambling options like sports, horses, casinos, live casino live-in-game betting, props, and more.

As an all in-one solutions, service also includes a customer service department for both the bookie and players. All of this is available for a weekly fee that ranges from $1 to $20 per active player. This means that if a player does not bet during that week, the bookie does not pay for that player.

Now that we know what a Pay Per Head is, let’s talk about why it is so popular.

Sportsbook Pay Per Head for Dummies – More Profits, Less Work

The Pay Per Head provider takes care of all of the sportsbook aspect for their clients. Therefore, there is no need for bookies to invest millions of dollars on a sportsbook software, platform, servers and employees. The only thing a bookie needs to do is get and manage their players!

Since the expensive part of bookie ownership is taken care by the PPH, the profit margin for bookies is high. In most cases, bookies are able to have an 80% to 90% profit margin every week from running a sportsbook. The amount will of course depend on how often and how much their players wager on sports.

In addition, a Sportsbook PPH is a Turnkey Sports Betting Software Solution. This is because there is no wait time for the bookie as it is ready to use almost immediately. Therefore, as long as they have players, online bookies can start making money right away!

The more gambling options you have, the more money your players will gamble which means higher profits for you. A Sportsbook Pay Per Head Solution, will usually come with a racebook and an online casino. In addition, better PPH services like will include a live dealer casino and live betting at no extra cost.

Usually, having such options in your sportsbook would cost you tens of thousands of dollars every month. However, with a PPH sportsbook, it is al part of the weekly fee.

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