Bookie Industry in the US: States Still Catching Up

Bookie Industry in the US: States Still Catching Up

Bookie Industry in the US: States Still Catching UpThere are 33 states across the country where sports betting is legal. Some states, such as Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Carolina and more, do not allow online sports betting. They do, however, allow retail betting in state-licensed casinos ans sportsbooks. One state, Tennessee, only allows online sports betting. And between all these states, there are different regulations and restrictions on betting. Meanwhile, some states are still in the process of legalizing sports betting. In the latest gambling news, we could see the possible legalization of Minnesota and Missouri sports betting as the bookie industry in the US is still growing.

Given that the billion-dollar betting industry continues to grow each year, it is not surprising that some states that were initially hesitant to allow sports betting are now open to the idea. Even individuals who are into sports betting have been studying and reading bookie tutorials to prepare for entering the industry as online bookies.

Bookie Industry in the US: Minnesota and Missouri’s Latest

Both states have sports betting bills in their respective legislative offices. Both bills propose retail and online sports betting. This is great news, especially for those who are understanding how to become an online bookie. The demand for online sports betting is too big to ignore, and creating sports betting laws without mentioning mobile betting would definitely cut off a major part of the sports betting market.

Minnesota Sports Betting

Minnesota has HF 778 that just passed the Finance and Civil Law Committee in the House Judiciary. It now goes to the Taxes committee for approval. This is a big step towards allowing bookie software and retail sports betting in the state. Here, the state has worked with tribal casinos, who will get licenses to offer sports betting. They can also partner with online sportsbook providers for mobile wagering.

Missouri Sports Betting

Meanwhile in Missouri, the state’s House of Representatives has recently approved legislation that will legalize sports betting in the state. The Lower Chamber approved both House Bills 2502 and 2556. The ball now goes to the Senate, who will need to approve the bills before they are legalized. Once this happens, the bill will then go to the office of Governor Mike Parson. The legislative session ends May 20, so there is still plenty of time. The bill will allow sports betting through online sports betting and retail venues.


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