Betting Expert Update on Saint Peter's Historic March Madness Run

Betting Expert Update on Saint Peter’s Historic March Madness Run

Last updated on March 26th, 2022 at 02:21 pm

After beating Purdue, Saint Peter’s continued its amazing NCAA tournament run to qualify for the Elite Eight. Here’s our betting expert update on Saint Peter’s and why the team is exceptional.

To start with, Saint Peter’s is the first 15th seed to qualify for the Elite Eight. It has made it this far with a mix of tenacious safeguard and dynamic offense. The shots weren’t succumbing to the Peacocks for a significant part of the game against Purdue. Yet, Holloway’s group dealt with the ball and, surprisingly, got a few critical offensive rebounds late against the bigger Boilermakers. Endeavors like this have permitted SPU to transcend the horrible math of the brackets.

The NCAA competition is all things considered, carefully designed to send you home. Look at the field of 68, and you’ll take note that 88 percent of the groups are eliminated.

Betting Expert Update on Saint Peter’s Run

Betting Expert Update on Saint Peter's Historic March Madness RunAccording to betting software reports, favored picks like Baylor, Arizona, Gonzaga, Auburn, and Kentucky are already eliminated. However, it was Saint Peter’s that sent the Wildcats home. That by itself was extraordinary.

In any event, including the Peacocks’ success over the UK, No. 15 seeds beginning around 1985 are 10-138 in the round of 64. If you bet sports online, you might remember some of the famous 15th seeds of the tournament, including the 2013 Florida Gulf Coast and 2021 Oral Roberts. Both teams qualified for the Sweet 16.

Presently SPU outperformed ORU and FGCU. Simultaneously, the Peacocks crushed the record for the lowest seed ever to qualify for the regional final. In addition, both the 2002 Missouri and 2021 Oregon State reached the Elite Eight as 12th seeds. Thus, they were three ranks higher than Holloway’s group.

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