The 2021 Guide to Baseball Betting

The 2021 Guide to Baseball Betting

Baseball season is heating up, and there’s no better time to talk about baseball betting in the latest of our sports betting tutorials. As some of you are familiar with, baseball is a bit different when it comes to the wagers you can place on any given game. Sure, the bet types are similar, you have the moneyline, spread, and totals. But there are some differences in these wagers.

When using a live betting software, you will be seeing these wagers, but for baseball, the most common bet is that of a moneyline. You could still bet on the spread if you want to, which in baseball is called the run line. Usually the run line is around -1.5 runs for the favorite. And since there are so many baseball games, there are many ways to bet. And out of the 2,430 regular season games in the MLB, you should know how to bet on baseball well.

Guide to Baseball Betting

The 2021 Guide to Baseball BettingOne thing you will notice when using betting software is that when it comes to very popular games, the lines will be more profitable to go for the underdog. This is common in most sportsbooks. So, when dealing with games including the likes of the Dodgers, the Cubs, or the Red Sox, its best to really look at the odds and see if its worth the wager. Some would bet against the public. The public, made up of fans and recreational bettors, tend to lose more. This is because their bets are based on favorites and not much on stats and the like.

Aside from the starting pitcher (who is crucial to the outcome of a game), and the roster, there are other factors to consider when it comes to baseball betting. For instance, the weather plays a big role in the game. If the wind is a bit strong that day, its direction can either improve or be a hindrance. This would be good for those who bet on unders. This is because it would be harder to be precise with the ball. Or, if the wind favors your team, then homers would be easier to do. These are more or less the basics of baseball betting. In the future, we will go into advanced ways you can bet and win more on baseball.


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