We May See Sportsbooks in North Carolina Soon

We May See Sportsbooks in North Carolina Soon

Its not a surprise that many sports fans are asking when we are going to see sportsbooks in North Carolina. After all the PASPA repeal happened around two years ago. In the time since, states have been forming legislation, with many not enjoying the benefits of having sports betting markets in their respective state. And in our sportsbook software blog, we’ll take a look at the latest news on sports betting in North Carolina.

What exactly should be expect in terms of seeing sports betting legalized in the state? Will it be taking long? After all, if you know how to be a bookie with a pay per head, then you know how easy it actually is to create a sportsbook. Especially an online sportsbook. Will North Carolina even entertain the idea of online wagering?

Sportsbooks in North Carolina: What’s the Law?

We May See Sportsbooks in North Carolina SoonEarlier this month, the North Carolina Senate introduced a bill on sports betting. SB 688 proposes to allow the state to have around a dozen online sportsbooks. These sportsbooks will offer both professional and collegiate sports, amateur sports (not youth sports) and eSports. The North Carolina State Lottery Commission will be having oversight on this. Application fees are at half a million, with an 8% tax rate.

The North Carolina House of Representatives, meanwhile, now has H631, which is very similar to the Senate bill. Both bills also have bipartisan support, so the chances of these bills in the General Assembly passing is quite good. The state’s Governor also has shown support for retail sports betting in Native American casinos. Sportsbook PPH experts are not seeing much resistance here. They are also confident that if things push through easily, the state could be enjoying online sportsbooks before the year ends. If not, we’d at least be seeing more specific policies from the state’s oversight committee for implementation.


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