Which is better, the Credit or Post-Up Bookie?

Which is better, the Credit or Post-Up Bookie?

Which is better, the Credit or Post-Up Bookie?In the world of sports betting, they are two main types of bookies.  The Credit bookie and the Post-up bookie. Knowing what kind of bookie you want to be is an essential part to being a successful bookie. This is because it will define your gambling business model and marketing strategy. Thus, today we answer which is better, the Credit or Post-Up Bookie?

The goal of this bookie tutorial is to help entrepreneurs decide what kind of gambling operation they want to have. While the two types gambling operations both take wagers from people there is a large difference between them. Since it is an important part of the business,

Before we begin, let us define what each type of bookie is and does.

What is a Credit Bookie? A credit bookie is an individual or business that accepts wagers from people without asking for money upfront. Usually once a week or per month, the bookmaker and player will settle any balance.

What Post-Up Bookie? It is an individual or gambling operation that takes wagers from people but require a deposit before they can wager.  Basically, players must deposit the money they want risk gambling before they can bet.

Credit or Post-Up Bookie? The Pros and Cons

The Pros and Con of a Credit Bookie

The main reason for being a Credit Bookie is because it is easier to get clients to use your sportsbook. This is because a gambler does not have to worry about making a deposit before placing a wager. Furthermore, it allows them the ability to place a bet without having to wait for their payday.

However, the biggest risk is that the bookmaker must collect any money that the player lost. Collecting money is not always an easy task. However, that is usually the exception as credit bookies usually only accepts referrals before they take on a new client.

Furthermore, the bookie must ensure that have enough money on hand to pay the winners. Thus, if they cannot collect from a losing player, they still need enough money to cover the winners.

The Pros and Con of a Post-Up Bookie

The main reason for being a post-up bookie is that it is a simple transaction between bookie and bettor. This is because the bookmaker does not have to chase and collect money from bettors. In addition, players can get their winning within 24 hours in most cases.

On the other hand, those bookies who are new to the business will have a more difficult time finding players. Thus, some feel that it is easier to open a sportsbook as a credit shop rather than a post-up shop.

Bookie Pay Per Head Solution for Both Types of Bookmakers

Whether you decide to become a Post-up Bookie or Credit Bookie is up to you. There are advantages and disadvantage to each type and bookies need to find the one they are most comfortable with. However, whatever type of bookmaker you want to become, PricePerPlayer.com can help.

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