Trey Lance Showcases Talents for NFL Scouts and Coaches

Trey Lance Showcases Talents for NFL Scouts and Coaches

Last updated on March 14th, 2021 at 09:37 am

North Dakota State’s Trey Lance showcases talents during an impressive Pro Day. All but five of the 32 teams were present. Some teams that watched Lance’s display of mobility, accuracy, and arm strength include the Broncos, Bears, Jets, and Panthers. Coaches who attended the pro day include Matt Nagy of the Bears, Matt Rhule of the Panthers, and Dan Campbell of the Lions.

The teams were more interested in Lance’s ability to throw. Thus, he skipped the 40-yard dash. According to bookie software reports, there are no questions about Lance’s mobility because of his performance during the FCS National Championship. He wore a GPS tracker during the game and recorded running 21 miles per hour during a 44-yard TD run.

According to sportsbook pay per head industry sources, Lance was excited to show his talents in front of scouts, executives, and coaches from the NFL. He said it is his Super Bowl. Also, Lance was ready for the pressure. His mindset for the pro day is like when he’s going into an actual game.

Trey Lance Showcases Talents

Trey Lance Showcases Talents for NFL Scouts and CoachesLance said that it is all about attitude and effort. Also, he stated that those two things are easy for him. Based on reports, his preparations paid off. He showed his arm strength by throwing a sideline pass for 52 yards.

Based on 2021 prospect rankings, Lance is the fourth-ranked QB. Also, he is the tenth-best player this year. The 49ers are likely to select him as the12th overall pick in the upcoming draft. Analysts describe him as a mobile QB with a strong arm. Also, Lance can drive the ball.

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