March Madness Live Betting Strategies

March Madness Live Betting Strategies

The Best March Madness Live Betting StrategiesWe are days away from the start of the 2021 NCAA Basketball Tournament with Selection Sunday taking place this weekend. While millions of Americans will be betting on March Madness, many will lose their money to bookies and sportsbooks.  However, with a well thought out plan, players can increase their odds of profiting from the tournament.  Thus, to help out we give you our March Madness Live Betting Strategies from top betting experts.

March Madness Betting is popular for many reasons from it being a tournament to filling out a Bracket. Furthermore, bettors love the number of bets available on a single game. This is because a gambler can bet on the traditional betting options or on prop bets. Furthermore, players love prop bets which is why Sportsbooks that use a prop bet builder software get more action.

However, in the past few years, the real gem for online sportsbooks has been NCAA basketball live betting options. This is because sports bettors can place real time bets as the action unfolds. Therefore, they can place bets during a game and the odds adjust automatically in real time.

The Best March Madness Live Betting Strategies

Basketball Live Betting ATS Strategies

When it comes to college basketball, it is pretty common for teams to make runs. Thus, teams will often score 10 points or more in a row building or come back from a large deficit. According to sportsbook pay per head providers, this is what live betting odds are all about.

For example, Kentucky and Duke are playing with Duke at -4.  The Wildcats get a 20-point lead in the second quarter. Thus, the live betting line for Duke might change to +2.5 and taking that bet could lead to money.  This is especially true since the bigger the lead the harder it is to have comeback.

Basketball Live Betting Total Strategies

Live betting on totals is also a very popular wager that can increase your gambling profits. According to most basketball betting tutorials, teams score more points in the second half of the game. Furthermore, teams that are behind in the second half will often foul more often to gain possession of the ball. On the other hand, the team that leads the game will usually have a softer defense leading. Thus, they often give away easy points as they do not want to make unnecessary fouls.

Therefore, when making a totals live basketball bet, it is imperative to know the total numbers before the start. This is because it will give you a reference point to understand what the sportsbooks are thinking.

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