Is Your Sportsbook Ready for Super Bowl LV?

Is Your Sportsbook Ready for Super Bowl LV?

Getting Your Sportsbook Ready for Super Bowl LV with a Pay Per HeadThe Super Bowl is the biggest event of the year for football fans and it keeps getting more popular. This is because 102 million people were watching it in 2020 which is 2 million more than in 2019. Therefore, it is a big opportunity for sportsbooks and bookies to make money one last time until the next season. However, as an online bookie, is Your Sportsbook Ready for Super Bowl LV?

This year, Super Bowl LV 2021 will take place at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida.  Since the Super Bowl makes up the most betting revenue on any single sporting event, bookies to be ready. This is because last year, gamblers made $5.6 billion worth of wagers on the Super Bowl. That is a lot of gambling and it is a 6% increase over the previous year.

However, a good percentage of the wagers were not made with just straight bets on the full game.  Instead, a large portion of them came from Super Bowl prop bets, betting halftime games and so on. Thus, a bookie needs to have the best sportsbook software that can handle a variety of gambling options.

Getting Your Sportsbook Ready for Super Bowl LV with a Pay Per Head

Last year, the U.S. legal sportsbooks alone took in $270 million in Super Bowl wagers. However, that is only a small percentage for the total global Super Bowl wagers. This is because the AGA believes $6.8 billion in wagers were made around the world from offshore sportsbooks. Yes, that is a lot of gambling and can your sportsbook handle it or get part of that traffic?

In order for bookies to get that number of wagers, they need to increase their wagering options. A good sportsbook will have hundreds of different prop bets available to their players. This is where using a Pay Per Head Sportsbook can help your sports betting operation.  This is because they have a team of professional line setters that make hundreds of Super Bowl Prop Bets available.

Of course, the bookie will have to advertise these prop bets to the public in order to get more action. Of One of the advantages of using the PPH services is that they also have a prop bet generator.  Thus, gamblers can create their own prop bets which increases the number of Super Bowl wagers you can offer.

In addition, a PPH service will also ensure that your sportsbook has 24/7 customer service and agent support. Therefore, you and your players will have the support necessary for a great gambling experience.

Of course, having your sportsbook ready means ensuring your website will be up and running before and on game day. This is where comes in because they have a 99% up time and several backup sites and servers available. Thus, you can rest assure that no one will miss their Super Bowl LV Bet when you use!

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