Bookie News: Will We See Sports Betting in Texas Soon?

Bookie News: Will We See Sports Betting in Texas Soon?

Bookie News: Will We See Sports Betting in Texas Soon?Texas is one of the largest states in the US, and is one of the most highly populated states as well. If we have smaller states like New Jersey doing so well in sports betting, then Texas could possibly be a bigger betting market. If you look at how bookies make money, then you know it is pretty simple. But passing legislation on sports betting? That can be pose a problem. Especially if we are talking about sports betting in Texas.

Currently, not even online casino gaming is allowed in Texas. But as many pay per head blog analysts surmise, if Texas will be open to passing casino gaming laws, then sports betting will most likely follow soon after. But why is Texas not allowing gambling, and what are the chances it will ever be legal?

Sports Betting in Texas: The Possibility

Many lobbyists, industry supporters, and personalities who have ties to legislators will most likely be gearing up for the 2021 legislative session. Texas has a large population, which makes them one of the biggest potential betting markets in the country. Not only will allowing gambling and sports betting generate income from taxes, but it could also help other industries. For instance, allowing retail casinos and sportsbooks can boost the entertainment and hospitality industry as well. It could help generate employment to help people through the pandemic.

And considering how easy how to be a bookie with a PPH is, it will be even easier to bring in online sports betting to capture a wider customer base in the state. Neighboring states like Arkansas and Louisiana are already working on this. Currently, the state has two tribal casinos, some social casinos, bingo, DFS and other similar betting options. But if we are talking about a betting industry as sophisticated as New Jersey, then Texas will definitely need to catch up. State legislators meets only on odd-numbered years. Hopefully, 2021 brings the promise of seeing gambling and sports betting legislation on the table.


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